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  • Company Name

    Mujezat Al Shifa Tr. Llc

  • Company Introduction: Mujezat Al Shifa, located in Sharjah, the great city of UAE is a Trading company engaged in Trading of comprehensive range of products and has focused on Imports & Exports competing in the Global Market.

    The company has grown as one of the most preferred & trusted name in the health food industry that has built its reputation around the qualitative health food products & services they offer & with practical business sense.

  • Sector: Agriculture
    Baby Goods
    Food & Beverages
  • Product List: Health Food  (Honey, Gensing Powder, Olive Oile)
    Honey  (Sider Honey , Black Honey, Citrus Honey etc.)
    Honey Products
    Оther Agriculture Products  (Royal Jelly, Propoles, Bee Pollen, Green Tea)
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  • Fax: +97165641707
  • Skype: mujezat
  • Company Email:
  • Company Web Site:
  • Year Company Registered: 1996 Year
  • Number of Employees in the Company: 21 - 50 People
  • Annual Sales Value: US$3.5 Million - US$5 Million
  • Export Percentage: 11% - 20%
  • Type of Business: Manufacturer/Mill/Factory
  • Date of Publication: 23 Sep 2010
  • Published By: Mr. Abdullah Mujadidy
  • Publisher Location (according to IP address): United_Arab_Emirates.htmlUnited Arab Emirates  - Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi
  • Company Description:

    Mujezat Al Shifa. Company instigated its operations in the early nineties in the state of Kuwait and was officially incorporated in 1995 as a local limited liability company and came into action in U.A.E in 1996.
    Being specialized in natural health food, Mujezat earned a distinct place for itself a strong position in the market and is recognized as a leader in this field.
    The products offered by Mujezat Al Shifa range from natural honey, mountainous cedar honey, natural herbal honey, Cleopatra honey, ginseng honey from cover, citrus honey for children, fennel flower honey (black cumin), extra virgin olive oil and green tea to other health products.

    Mujezat Al Shifa's Products:

    The products offered by Mujezat Al Shifa are

    Natural Honey
    Mountainous Sider Honey
    Mountainous Sider Honey with Ginseng
    Mountainous Sider Honey with Royal Jelly
    Mountainous Sider Honey with Nuts (Mixed Dry Fruits)
    Natural Herbal Honey
    Cleopatra Honey (Barseem)
    Citrus Honey for Children
    Fennel Flower Honey (Black Cumin)
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil (Philistine & Jordanian)
    Green Tea and with Cardamom

    Other Health Products like,

    Royal Jelly
    Bee pollen
    Ginseng Powder,
    Sperm Powder
    Also availble all kinds of dry fruits.

    We also specialize in exports and distributor of honey & honey products.

    Mujezat Al Shifa's Networking:

    We have network not only in UAE but also in overseas countries which enable
    us to provide products. We are direct to mandate holders/end sellers and have also contacts/associates all over the world through whom we are able to generate business enquiries for all products.

    We can offer any item in any field. just name any item and we will be able
    to arrange the same.In a very short span of time, we have spread the roots of our business in every corner of the world.

    Currently, we are exporting to the countries like France, Malaysia, Kuwait,
    Lebanon, Germany, KSA, Qatar, Oman and so on. Our strong domestic and
    international supply chain assists us instead fast delivery within the stipulated time

    Mujezat Al Shifa's Clientele:

    Within a short span of time, we have been able to earn huge clientele in gulf
    countries as well as in different parts of the world. The esteemed clientele that we have acquired is because of our quality products and diligent efforts.

    We are successfully catering to our clients in France, Malaysia, Kuwait,
    Lebanon, Germany, KSA, Qatar, Oman so on.

    Adopting ideal and ethical business dealings, we have raised the bars of
    customers' satisfaction. We have also taken the feedbacks of the clients into immediate consideration and have made innovation in the product line. The list of the esteemed clients is increasing strength to strength that exhibits our transparency in business dealings.

    Last but not the least, we have also made meticulous efforts to maintain long
    term relationship with our esteemed clients.

    Mujezat Al Shifa's Pursuing Total Quality Strategy:

    We at Mujezat Al Shifa's take a oath to realize and practice the pre-laid six tiers of Total Quality Management.

    TQM must be reflected in every company activity, not just in company products : We are not just concerned with the quality of the products, but
    with the quality of our advertising, service, literature, delivery, corporate culture, after-sales support and so on."

    Quality requires high-quality partners : Quality can be delivered only by
    Organizations whose value-chain partners are also committed to quality. Therefore we have the responsibility to find and work with high-quality suppliers and distributors
    Quality can always be improved : Lets start believing in "Continuous
    improvement of everything by everyone". The best way to improve the quality is to benchmark the company's performance against the 'best-of-class' competitors and strives to emulate them or even leapfrog over them.

    Quality does not cost more : Lets at this instant out throw the laymen
    concept that achieving more quality would cost more and slow down production. Quality is not inspected in, it must be designed in. Lets do the things right the first time so that we can save many costs and salvage and offer our dear customers the best quality at an appropriate price.

    Quality is necessary but may not be sufficient : Improving the company's
    quality is absolutely necessary but very higher quality may not confer a winning advantage, as our product is positioned in the mid-chain of the end use. We have to supply our products at a price, at which our customer (importer) may be able to sell it to the next customer in the chain. Any unexpected and high quality improvement may lead to setback our dear customer and thus it will simultaneously overthrow our organization.

    Mujezat Al Shifa's Terms & Conditions:

    Please select the product, which you require and tell us. We will send you the prices of items required. When you decide your purchases and quantity, we shall send you Performa Invoice for payment. We start work on your order when you confirm our Performa Invoice and send us payment.

    Delivery Time:
    Delivery time of the goods for most items ranges is 5 to 10 days depending upon the quantity.

    Delivery System:
    Orders to be delivered by air & sea are shipped from the Sharjah or Dubai International Airports & preferred port in UAE respectively.

    Shipping Information:
    Either you provide us DHL /FedEx/Airborne/TNT/UPS Courier account number OR we shall send you goods by these courier company and will add the charges in Invoice. We can also ship the goods from Dubai Airport to your Air port. In this case we send the goods either fright collect basis or you can pay us and we shall charge into Performa invoice. We shall tell you the shipping charges by good Airlines (Cheaper Airline also on request) upto your Airport for which we need accurate International Airport name.

    Packing Information:
    Most of the items are packed individually in small corrugated boxes and marked properly their product number. Small boxes are kept in a master cartoon up to weight of 20 to 30 kg. of master cartoon to become handy.

    Our Bankers Information:
    Will be provided at the time of transferring of funds by T/T or by Swift Method (Wire Transfer) when you wish to place order.

    We welcome any inquiry of the new customers and we do not find it inconvenient till their satisfaction. We accept any changes or alternation in the design of the items. We would like to establish business relations with reputed concern like yours. We assure you that you will certainly find in our products quality and rate most competitive at right time with excellent services. Your satisfaction is the award for our good quality and service


  • Mujezat al shifa tr. llc - Employees

    No Full Name Company Position Phone Email Country Registration Date on
    1 Mr. Abdullah Mujadidy Mujezat_Al_Shifa_Tr_Llc.htmlMujezat Al Shifa Tr. Llc CEO +97165658707 - Login to Gcoupon - United_Arab_Emirates.htmlUnited Arab Emirates 23 Sep 2010
    Publisher Location (according to IP address):

    Publisher City (according to IP address):
    Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi

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      • Mujezat al shifa tr. llc Country

        No Country Name Capital Region Surface Area Population
        1 United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Middle East 83,600 km² 2,441,000 people
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