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    Ritech International Bv

  • Company Introduction: Founded over 15 years ago with the vision of becoming a leader in the Biometrics Security Industry, today we have a range of products that showcase our capability as a designer, manufacturer and developer of innovative products. The mobile device market is now seeing more and more hardware-based encryption devices and our Signature offers private access control and excellent data protection that is suitable for anyone that requires a high level of security for their confidential data.

  • Company Logo: Ritech International Bv
  • Local Company Name: BioSlimDisk
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    Updated: 16 Apr 2012
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    Updated: 16 Apr 2012
  • Country: Netherlands.htmlNetherlands
  • State/Region: Noord-Holland
  • City: Amsterdam
  • Zip/Postal Code: 1325
  • Street: Lucille Ballstraat 53
  • Phone: +4951121273747
  • Skype: noelheng
  • Company Email:
  • Company Certification: CE Certificate
    ISO 14001:2004
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  • Company Description:

    RiTech International Ltd was founded on 3rd May 1994 with a vision to become a leader in the Biometrics Security Industry. Our capability as designer, developer and manufacturer of innovative products, solutions and services is displayed through our own development of Signature, BioSlimDisk, iDEA, Embedded Biometrics Fingerprint solution, and Biometrics Immobilizer Solution.

    Recognized as the world's first smallest Fingerprint-enabled portable USB-Data Storage device, our BioSlimDisk is a world-class invention that received over-whelming responses and demand internationally. System integrators can now make use of this new device to customize their software for commercial applications.

    With increasing amount of confidential information being transported around today, the occurrence of theft and unauthorized access of such information have constantly become a threat. RiTech has introduced the latest hi-speed Signature solution which secures information reliably only with your fingerprints and at the same time leaves behind zero footprint on all local systems.

    We were awarded the Patent to our Signature under the Intellectual Property law of United Kingdom and Netherlands with other patents in many other regions such as the United States, France, Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Malaysia and many more.

  • Local Company Description:

    RiTech International Ltd. wurde am 3. März 1994 gegründet mit der Vision Führer in der Biometrische Sicherheits Industrie zu werden. Unsere Leistung als Designer, Entwickler und Hersteller von innovativen Produkten, Lösungen und Serviceleistungen ist beweist sich durch unsere eigene Entwicklung von BioSlimDisk iDEA. Eingeschlossen die biometrische Fingerabdruck Lösungen und biometrische Wegfahrsicherungs Lösungen.

    Anerkannt als welterstes kleinstes Fingerabdruck fähiges tragbares USB-Daten-Aufbewahrungsgerät, unser BioSlimDisk ist eine weltklasse Erfindung, welche überschüttend internationale Rückmeldungen und Nachfragen erreicht. Systemintegratoren können somit Nutzen aus diesem neuen Apparat ziehen, um ihre Software für gewerbliche Anwendungen anzupassen.

    Mit zunehmender Menge von vertraulichen Informationen,die heutzutage transportiert werden, wurde die Erscheinung von Diebstahl und unauthorisiertem Zugriff auf solche Informationen konstant zu einer Bedrohung. RiTech führte die neueste hi-speed BioSlimDisk Elite 2.0 Lösung ein, welche Informationen zuverlässig nur mit dem Fingerabdruck sichert und zur selben Zeit Null Fußabdrücke auf allen lokalen Sytemen hinterlässt.

    Wir wurden mit dem Patent für unser BioSlimDisk ausgezeichnet durch das intelektuelle Property law of United Kingdom and Netherlands sowie mit anderen Patenten in vielen anderen Regionen wie z.B. USA, Frankreich, Deutschland, China und Malaysia.

  • Ritech international bv - Employees

    No Full Name Company Position Phone Email Country Registration Date on
    1 Mr. Noel Heng Ritech_International_Bv.htmlRitech International Bv Marketing Director +607-3335915 - Login to Gcoupon - Malaysia.htmlMalaysia 12 Apr 2012
    Publisher Location (according to IP address):

    Publisher City (according to IP address):
    Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur

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      • Security & Safety - Ritech international bv

        No Product Requirement Security & Safety Sub-Category Country Product Photo Discount Offered Published By
        1 Access Control Products - Signature 2Gb 4Gb 8Gb  (Rubber) - Price 160-280 US$ per Piece - FOB Malaysia
        Access Control Products Malaysia.htmlMalaysia Signature 2Gb 4Gb 8Gb  (Rubber) - Price… 5% Ritech_International_Bv.htmlRitech International Bv


        Short Description:
        Signature offers ultimate data protection with hardware-based encryption suitable for professionals that requires top security for keeping highly confidential data. Being AES chip-based hardware encryption solves the performance problem that limited adoption. Moving keys into hardware makes encryption easier to implement and manage.

        Terms FOB:

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        Date of Publication:
        17 Apr 2012

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      • Ritech international bv Forum

        No Thread Topic Picture Thread Creator Thread Creation Date
        1 Signature~Protecting Your Data Selling Signature~Protecting Your Data - Picture Mr_Noel_Heng.htmlMr. Noel Heng 17 Apr 2012, 04:04

        Hardware-based encryption is just making its way into the mobile device market, but it's coming on fast. Now, Signature offers ultimate data protection with hardware-based encryption suitable for professionals that requires top security for keeping highly confidential data. Being AES chip-based hardware encryption solves the performance problem that limited adoption. Moving keys into hardware makes encryption easier to implement and manage. Unlike traditional software-based encryption where keys must be managed carefully, Signature can solve this problem. If the requirement is to encrypt USB devices, the easiest way is to buy USB-device that can already encrypt.


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      • Ritech international bv Country

        No Country Name Capital Region Surface Area Population
        1 Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Southeast Asia 329,758 km² 22,244,000 people
        2 Netherlands Amsterdam Western Europe 41,526 km² 15,864,000 people
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