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  • Company Introduction: Akinsoft with more than 40 solution partners worldwide, offers software and programs specially tailored for customer needs such as ERP Solutions, Hotels & Restaurants, Human Resources & Barcode Sales, Real Estates, Internet Cafes, Offices, Hippocrates, etc.

  • Company Logo: Akinsoft
  • Current Stock Lists: Akinsoft  - Current Stock Lists
    Updated: 15 Nov 2013
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    Updated: 27 Dec 2013
  • Country: Turkey.htmlTurkey
  • State/Region: Istanbul
  • City: Avcilar
  • Company Location:
  • Sector: Business Services
    Computer Hardware & Software
  • Product List: Consulting Services
    Research & Development Services
    Software  (ERP Solutions, Hotel & Restaurant, Human Resource)
  • Zip/Postal Code: 34320
  • Street: E-5 Yan Yol Sair Nedim St. No:2 Akinsoft Plaza, Gumuspala, Avcilar, Istanbul -+904444080
  • Phone: +90 (212) 694 45 65
  • Fax: +90 (212) 676 67 73
  • Skype: akinsoft
  • Company Email:
  • Company Web Site:
  • Year Company Registered: 1995 Year
  • Number of Employees in the Company: 101 - 200 People
  • Type of Business: Business Service Provider
  • Date of Publication: 15 Nov 2013
  • Published By: Mrs. Sheila Mahouti
  • Publisher Location (according to IP address): Turkey.htmlTurkey
  • Company Description:

    Akinsoft with more than 40 solution partners worldwide and 2000 all over Turkey, offers software and programs specially tailored for customer needs such as:

    • ERP Solutions
    • Hotels & Restaurants
    • Human Resources & Barcode Sales
    • Real Estates
    • Internet Cafes
    • Offices
    • Hippocrates

    All programs distributed by our solution partners.
    If you are interested in our programs or want to become a solution partner feel free to contact us.


  • Akinsoft - Employees

    No Full Name Company Position Phone Email Country Registration Date on
    1 Mrs. Sheila Mahouti Akinsoft.htmlAkinsoft Foreign Trade Expert +90 (212) 694 45 65 - EXT - Login to Gcoupon - Turkey.htmlTurkey 04 Sep 2012
    About You:
    Established as a Software and Programming company in Turkey with equity capital since 1995, offer the best service to clients presenting innovative models, tailor-made solutions and latest robotics technology with artificial intelligence.

    Representatives are well trained to handle on the spot solutions with over 40 agents in 20 countries and 2.000 solution partners in all over Turkey.

    Publisher Location (according to IP address):

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      • Akinsoft Country

        No Country Name Capital Region Surface Area Population
        1 Turkey Ankara Middle East 774,815 km² 66,591,000 people
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