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    Global Intertrade Co. Ltd

  • Company Introduction: Our company is called Global Intertrade Co., Ltd. we are base in Thailand. we started with small numbers of worker. but now our company is very big. we enjoy all international facilities as international company. we supply world wide.

  • Sector: Agriculture
  • Product List: Animal Feed
    Nuts & Kernels
    Oil Seeds
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  • Company Email:
  • Company Web Site:
  • Year Company Registered: 2000 Year
  • Number of Employees in the Company: 101 - 200 People
  • Annual Sales Value: US$2 Million - US$3.5 Million
  • Export Percentage: 51% - 60%
  • Type of Business: Trading Company
  • Date of Publication: 31 Jul 2014
  • Published By: Mr. Gerald Nicolas
  • Publisher Location (according to IP address): Thailand.htmlThailand  - Krung Thep, Bangkok

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