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    Oxidising Gas Sensor Ozone + Nitrogen Di

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  • Short Description: 4-Electrode Oxidising Gas Sensor Ozone + Nitrogen Dioxide

    Model Number: OX-B431

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  • Date of Publication: 24 Nov 2016
  • Published By: Mr. Qiu Lonny,   Isweekcom.htmlIsweekcom
  • Publisher Location (according to IP address): USA.htmlUSA  - California, Orange
  • Product Photo: Oxidising Gas Sensor Ozone + Nitrogen Di…
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    OX-B431 Oxidising Gas Sensor Ozone + Nitrogen Dioxide 4-Electrode

    The OX-B431 detects both ozone and nitrogen dioxide (O3 +NO2 ). The NO2-B43F measures only nitrogen dioxide, filtering out ozone. Using these sensors together allows you to calculate the O3 concentration by subtracting the corrected NO2-B43F concentration from the corrected OX-B431 concentration. Before subtracting to determine ozone concentration, ensure that the signals from the two sensors have been corrected for electronic zero offset, sensor zero offset and temperature dependence, and sensitivity (nA/ppm) calibration and temperature dependence.

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    1 Isweekcom
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    Air Conditioners
    Electronic Projectors
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    1 Mr. Qiu Lonny Isweekcom.htmlIsweekcom Manager - Login to Gcoupon - China.htmlChina 24 Nov 2016
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    California, Orange

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