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    Mr. James Hung

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    1 Soontec Technology Co. Ltd
    Soontec Technology Co. Ltd
    Taiwan.htmlTaiwan Taoyuan Soontec Technology Co. Ltd - Company/Product… Soontec Technology Co. Ltd - Current Stock…
    Updated: 04 Nov 2015
    Soontec Technology does a professional company of connector design and manufacturer, we can accepted ODM case and design for customer project, our main products included: 1, RJ45 jack and RJ45 jack with magnetic series. 2, SFP series. 3, usb2.0, usb3.0, usb3.1 type C series. 4, VGA connector. 5, SATA series connector. 6, usb cable assembly. 7, RJ45 cat5e, cat6, cat7 patch code etc.
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    Connectors & Terminals
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