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    Ms. Faye Tang

  • About You: This is Faye from China. Our products including Type-C, HDI PCB, Special Crafts PCB, Cu./Al. Base Material PCB, Mass Multi-layer PCB etc., which are are mainly applying to the fields of Cell Phone, Computer Peripherals, Consumer Electronics, Digital Products, Car Products, Smart Home, Wide Angle Camera, The New Energy Battery of Electrical Car and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (Drone) series and so on.
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    1 Shenzhen Tongchuangxin Electronics Co. Ltd
    China.htmlChina Guangdong Shenzhen TongChuangXin Electronics Co., Ltd was established in June 2003 , Specializing in Single/Double Sides/ multi-layers /HDI & Copper/Al base material PCB. Production capacity 25,000 square meters/month, with more than 600 employees. Products are widely used in computer peripherals, communications & medical equipment, power supply equipment, industrial control, new energy automobile power, aviation industry and other fields.
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    Air Conditioners  (PCB for Air Conditioners)
    Blu-ray Players  (PCB for Blu-ray Players)
    Cables  (Type C PCB for cables)
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    +86 150 1689 6162

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