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    Mr. Scissors Way

  • About You: We provide all kind of Surgical Instruments , Dental Instruments , Beauty Manicure Instruments and TC Instruments. We are exporting Professional Barber Scissors in very best Quality from few Years. In our Company we provide Best Quality Instruments.


    Barber Scissors

    Iris Scissors

    Mayo Scissors

    Metzenbaum Scissors

    Hair Thinning Scissors

    Barber Scissors Set


    Our mission is to provide best quality Instruments to the clients.
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    1 Scissors Way
    Pakistan.htmlPakistan Punjab Manufacturer and Exporter
    Type of Business:

    Product List:
    Dental Care & Cosmetics  (Dental Instruments)
    Medical Devices  (Surgical Instruments)
    Scissors  (Barber Scissors)
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