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    Miss Maria Britt

  • About You: I am an online technical expert at American Soft Techs Corp.
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    1 American Soft Techs Corp
    USA.htmlUSA New Jersey American Soft Techs Corp. is one of the fastest growing companies providing technical support for hardware and software products.
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        1 Hp Printer Technical Support |Toll Free Number +1-888-900-4896 Promotions Miss_Maria_Britt.htmlMiss Maria Britt 20 Sep 2018, 08:02

        When you need to print out a record for an important meeting inside couple of minutes and you open the document and tap the printer button, and sit tight for printer to work. Nothing, at that point a message pops up at the bottom - right corner of your PC desktop saying that printer is offline. Indeed, you're not the only one who is pestering with issue. We are here to help you in just a call, away.
        If the HP Printer shows offline message and does not print, speak to our seasoned and professional certified technician on +1-888-900-4896 to get it fixed or
        Visit : -


        2 How To Fix My Printer Offline? Company News Miss_Maria_Britt.htmlMiss Maria Britt 01 Oct 2018, 06:37

        If you are operating to your computer and taking prints from your HP printer, however suddenly a message flash for your display screen, pointing out "printer is offline". And after this, your printer is not printing a unmarried paper and your paintings is interrupted. If you have got modern Windows 10 or Windows eight model on your PC/Laptop, then to restoration printer offline problem you need to download HP printer and Scan health practitioner to troubleshoot printer offline error. In case, you aren't using the latest version then just circulate to the following step. Here, observe the stairs to apply it:

        1. At first, down load the Software.
        2. From down load location run exe
        3. As the downloading procedure is completed, press Start button and after it, pick out your printer call from the list.
        4. If your printer call isn't present in the list then switch it Off and On again after which tap Retry.
        5. If you come upon any interconnection problem, then for similarly commands look within the tool.
        6. Here, tap on Fix Printing.
        7. Now after solving, faucet test Print and wait till it responds to check fail.
        8. Then right here in subsequent step, go to No Print alternative, and restart your print machine.
        9. If still, your HP printer says offline, then flow to next step.


        3 Best Router Technical Support | +1-888-900-4896 Promotions Miss_Maria_Britt.htmlMiss Maria Britt 25 Sep 2018, 08:00

        Routers are often considered as the "backbone of the internet" since routers provide the end-to-end delivery of data packets throughout networks and sub-networks critical to internet and device communications. Residential and small business customers depend on wired and wireless routers to connect to the internet and to communicate with peripheral devices such as network printers. If you are having irregular or steady issues associating with the internet or interfacing with a device on a wireless or wired network, we can help Router Technical Support Services.

        Get in touch with our world-class router and network technical support team.
        Toll Free Number: - 1-888-900-4896


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