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    Ms. Tenau Elevator (China) Co., Ltd Ng

  • About You: In 2016, DIAO Group Ltd consolidated these two factories - DIAO and TENAU, which then have become two production bases, sharing the production platform. DIAO manufactures all the escalators and passenger elevators, and TENAU is responsible for manufacturing all the cargo elevators and home lift.
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    1 Tenau Elevator (China) Co. Ltd
    Aruba.htmlAruba Aruba TENAU ELEVATOR (CHINA) Co., Ltd., located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, is a wholly-owned investment company by SUZHOU DIAO Elevator Co., Ltd. in 2012, which is specially aimed at the overseas market. TENAU is close to Shanghai, only one hour away by car.
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    Animal Extract
    Cigarettes & Tobacco
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    +86 18601458781

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