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    Mr. Linn Peng

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    1 Rishon Agritech Co. Ltd
    China.htmlChina Sichuan >Fertilizer >>>N-P-K Compound (N-P-K+TE, CA, MG, MN, CU, ZN...) >>>Phosphate Chemicals (MAP, DAP, MKP, DKP...) >>>Growth Regulators (IBA, NAA, 5NG...) >>>Metal Chelates (EDTA-FE-13, DTPA-FE-11, EDTA-ZN-15, EDTA-MG-6...) >Feed Supplement >>>Amino Acid Chelate (Molybdenum, Calcium, Iron, Copper..Amino Acid Chelate..) >>>Amino Acids/Vitamins (Compound AA, VA, VE...) >>>Feed Fatty Acids (ARA, DHA...) >>>Feed Phosphates (MCP, DCP, MDCP, TCP...)
    Type of Business:

    Product List:
    Agrochemicals, Pesticides & Fertilizers  (regulators IBA NAA)
    Inorganic Chemicals  (phosphate)
    Оther Agriculture Products
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    +86 838 6661786

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