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    Electricity - 9W Led Bulb - FOB China

  • Requirement:
  • Short Description: 2 Years Warranty!
    High Quality, Long Life!

  • Detailed Description:

    Model #: WSD-D70W18P9WAS-01 / 02 /03
    1: Length: 129mm
    2: Diameter: 70mm
    3: LED quantity: 18pcs 5630 SMD
    4: Luminous: 720~810LM
    5: Widely Input voltage: AC85~260V
    6: Working frenquency: 50/60HZ
    7: Power: 9W
    8: Color Temperature: 3000~3500K, 4000~4500K, 6000~7000K 9: Environment temperature: -20-50 degree
    10: Environment humidity: higher than 95%
    11: Colour render Index: 84Ra
    12: Power factor: higher than 0.92

  • Detail of Company who is publishing this product information

    No Company Name Country State/Region Company/Product Picture Current Stock Lists Company Introduction
    1 Wisdom Science & Technology (Hk) Co. Ltd
    Wisdom Science & Technology (Hk) Co. Ltd…
    China.htmlChina Guangdong Wisdom Science & Technology (Hk) Co. Ltd… Wisdom Science & Technology (HK) Co., Ltd is a high-tech environment-friendly productive enterprise in China, integrated with development, production, marketing and service of LED component, LED lighting, LED display and LED related products.
    Local Company Name:

    Type of Business:

    Product List:
    Camera Lights
    Garden Lighting  (CE, RoHS)
    … … … Total: 7 records  …

    Company Certification:

    Number of Employees in the Company:

    Annual Sales Value:


    Company Email:

    Company Web Site:

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  • User who is publishing this product information

    No Full Name Company Position Phone Email Country Registration Date on
    1 Mrs. Amanda Chou Wisdom_Science_Technology_Hk_Co_Ltd.htmlWisdom Science & Technology (Hk) Co. Ltd Sales Manager +8675529964352 - Login to Gcoupon - China.htmlChina 18 Mar 2015
    About You:
    I am the sales manager of Wisdom Science & Technology (HK) Co., Ltd.

    Publisher Location (according to IP address):

    Publisher City (according to IP address):
    California, Los Angeles

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  • Country Details

    No Country Name Capital Region Surface Area Population
    1 China Beijing Eastern Asia 9,572,900 km² 1,277,558,000 people
    2 USA Washington North America 9,363,520 km² 278,357,000 people
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      • Electricity - 9W Led Bulb - FOB… Standards

        No Standard No Society Summary
        1 CE, RoHS GB
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