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    Ups 20Kva - Three Phase Output Systems  (Metal) - Price 480-500 thousand US$ per Piece - FOB India

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  • Short Description: UPS 20Kva/360V (Three phase output) Sale offer by Power-Tech UPS Manufacturer:

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    Complete power solution for unconventional power cuts, UPS 20Kva/360V (Three phase output) Sale offer by Power-Tech UPS Manufacturer:

    Prime assured quality of products and services, our symbol, "Simplicity in Design, Ease in Operation & Maintenance, Reliability in Performance, and Safety in Operation & Assured After-Sales Support" makes our Systems the ideal choice with long term and cost effective benefits.

    • Power conversion and power protection products for varied applications,
    • Highest level of accuracy and specifications of our best products technology
    • Sleek, rugged & compact construction
    • Highly reliable, electronic circuit
    • High Efficiency, Noiseless & Economical
    • Maintaining highest standards of quality in each area
    • Trouble free maintenance support

    Best Sale Offer: 20 KVA/360v ONLINE UPS with Isolated Transformer
    • 20KVA/360v UPS System (3 phase input, 3 phase output) 1pc = Rs. 241000/-
    • 42AH/12V SMF Battery (for 15-20mint Power Back-up) 30nos = Rs. 100500/-
    Sub-total = Rs. 341500/-

    Term and condition:
    • Tax : VAT /CST will be charge extra as actual
    • Transport : charge extra as actual
    • Payment : Advance 70% with P.O and balance at Delivery
    • Warrantee : 12month on UPS and Battery
    • Delivery : after received PO - 2 Days
    • Other info : Trolley and installation extra

    We know that only through constantly adapting and improving our product line, can we continue to be on the forefront of power conversion technology.

    Any assistance - call : 9891882432, or mail :

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    No Company Name Country State/Region Company/Product Picture Current Stock Lists Company Introduction
    1 Powerondemond Technology
    Powerondemond Technology
    India.htmlIndia Delhi We are Importer and supplier of a complete range of VRLA SMF Batteries 12v and 6v. We can supply batteries according to the needs and requirements of our clients application, like Solar Lanterns, solar street-light, Solar home lightings, Solar fencing applications, weighing scale Systems, UPS, Inverter and Emergency Lights, Telecommunication equipment, Fire Alarm and Security Systems, Railway Signaling etc.

    wide range of 6V-4Ah, 4.5Ah, 12V-4.5Ah, 12V-7Ah to 12V-200Ah

    call : 9891882432
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    No Full Name Company Position Phone Email Country Registration Date on
    1 Mr. Vinay Gupta Powerondemond_Technology.htmlPowerondemond Technology Manager +919891882432 - Login to Gcoupon - India.htmlIndia 20 Sep 2010
    Publisher Location (according to IP address):

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    Delhi, New Delhi

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    No Country Name Capital Region Surface Area Population
    1 India New Delhi Southern and Central Asia 3,287,263 km² 1,013,662,000 people
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        1 ISO9001 ISO
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