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    Kitchenware - Rancilio Classe 10 Usb 3 Electronic Auto - Price 1,000-10,000 US$ per Unit

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    The Classe 10 is an innovative espresso machine of the highest class. To reach this result Rancilio has employed its experience and determination making the Rancilio Classe 10 the new standard.It is ideal for upscale applications that want to maintain traditional values, but want the latest in technological advancements and modern styling. The re-designed brewing group incorporates an expanded pre-infusion chamber that is capable of extracting the absolute best product, guaranteeing taste and aroma that is without comparison. The entire body of the Classe 10 is constructed of aluminium. The internal components are designed with the utmost care insuring reliability over many years. In addition, the easy access to these components facilitates the technician?s inspections.


        Fully automatic version - The functions are electronically controlled, which translates to ease of use and great performance.
        Two personalized logos can be programmed into the display.
        The computer controls all the activity of the machine, practically talking to the user.
        These intelligent operations help to reduce costs while ensuring high performance.
        The machine can be programmed by using the weekly calendar mode to turn on and off at desired times.
        The only traditional machine with an automatic clean program. In addition to the expanded pre-infusion chamber, there is an optional electronic pre-infusion controlled by the computer program.
        Equipped with the new SEQ (standard espresso quality): the computer alerts the barista if the dispensing is not perfect.
        iSteam, the new totally automatic steam wand allows milk to be heated and frothed using a mix of steam and air, until a soft and remarkably compact cream is obtained.
        Built with a USB port for POS messaging on the larger graphic display screen.
        Four hot water temperature choices for tea and a new Just 4 You program which includes the possibility to individually personalize the machine with textured animal-friendly leather.
        POD adaptable - All groups are designed to accept a special Adapter Kit for pods. The groups have a removable device which allows for the Rancilio Pod Kit to be fitted.
        Boiler Safety Valve with Water Overflow Tray – A Pressure Relief Valve Catch Tray has been added in the event the boiler over-pressurizes. This reduces the chance of excess moisture coming in contact with the electrical components.
        Portafilter Update – The new, sleek style of the Rancilio portafilters are designed with a slight downward angle for barista comfort. The prominent Double-R of the Rancilio logo is recessed and can easily be used as a promotional tool by placing a co-branded product logo on it.

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