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  • Port Name

    Nhava Sheva Port

  • Description: Nhava Sheva is the largest port in India, handling close to 50% of the country's port traffic. The main goods exported are cotton shirts, knitted t-shirts, sporting goods, carpets, other textile articles like embroidery machines and etc., boneless meat, and medicaments.

    The main imports are chemicals, machinery, plastics, electrical machinery, vegetable oils and aluminum and other non-ferrous metals. It has access to neighbouring Mumbai and to the hinterland of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Karnataka and most of North India. It is located south east of Mumbai

    The port was developed to relieve pressure of the port of Bombay (Mumbai) in Bombay proper and was commissioned on May 26, 1989. It has three terminals: JNPCT, NSICT and GTI (Gateway Terminal of India). NSICT is India's first privately managed container terminal. It is run by Dubai Ports World. Currently it is managed under a Build-Operate-Transfer agreement set up with the Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust (JNPT) of the Government of India.

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