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    Not a trustworthy supplier!

  • Company Review: Extremtrac_Gps_Technology.htmlExtremtrac Gps Technology
  • Review: We have placed an order for a few units of the WT10 wrist tracker, from Extremtrac in the end of December 2011.
    The products were delivered in January, but other than that, there were a lot of quality problems. Specifically :

    a) The products were not compliant with the specifications. E.g each unit's weight was around 110gr while the brochure stated 50gr. The batteries included had lower capacity than those advertised etc.
    b) The English manual of the product, was badly written and had several mistakes.
    c) We tested all the units and none of them worked according to specifications (eg time to fully charge, battery duration, GPS accuracy etc.)

    I informed them of the problems in February and I received a reply saying that the materials used in the product were old (!) and they would have a new WT10 in March.

    Since then I have not heard anything from them...

    I would advise anyone interested for quality GPS trackers and a trustworthy parner to stay away from Extremtrac!
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    Updated: 04 Apr 2012
  • Review Date: 04 Apr 2012
  • Review Creator Location (according to IP address): Greece.htmlGreece  - Attiki, Keratsínion
  • Review Creator: Mr. Nikiforos Anastopoulos,   Acelesta.htmlAcelesta
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