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    CCTV Products - Secubio Itime100 Fingerprint Attendance  (Plastic) - FOB China

  • Requirement:
  • Short Description: Itime100 is Newest Industry designs, Professional produced, Easy to install and high-speed multimedia network fingerprint identification time attendance & access control machine.
    With Large screen color LCD display, 3.5-inch TFT high definition graphical interface, which can show personality and personnel color photos, can be any customer user interface, voice and background music.

  • Detailed Description:


    1  Wall-Mounted and Desktop supported Fingerprint Time clock and access control system
    2  Built-in TCP / IP protocol, 100M high-speed network, enabling cross-segment data transfer.
    3  Real-time transmission of data to support attendance, use of a stable network platform,
    4  Multi-language menu option: Chinese, Arabic, Spanish, English, be free to switch.
    5  Addressing the attendance machine: the functional operation have voice prompts, and can read the    attendance numbers of people.
    6  A number of auxiliary functions: Meeting notice, birthday wishes, the whole point of time, time switch machines, advertising.
    7  Storage capacity: dynamic allocation and the storage medium can be expanded.
    8  Advanced embedded LINUX operating system, hardware platform using ARM9, 24-hour work long hours, equipment, stable and reliable.
    9  Wiegand Interface: Wiegand 26/34 input/output , can add a card reader, composition of the reader simultaneously.
    10 Exclusive of six work modes: function keys and 6 keys work methods can be effectively distinguished from on, off, out, in, overtime, add and drop.
    11.Offline functionality, inconvenience for long-distance networking applications: U-disk implementation personnel files, attendance records, photo uploading and downloading.
    12 SDK,EDK available for OEM integrated system clients,
    13 30pcs charge freely for OEM clients including OEM Logo design, Packing box design, Device Surface

    Technical specification:

    1. Fingerprint User Capacity: 3000 fingerprints,
      Standalone storage 80000 records
    2. Communication: RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB port, SD card;
    3..Come with 1G USB pen drives or 4G SD card, user can upload/download,
    data conveniently, and the computer print the EXCEL report through U disk
    4. Samsung 3.5 Inch high definition TFT LCD,
    5. Support T9 input, easily to input User's name by keypad.
    6. Attendance state: check in, check out
    7. Embedded LINUX system, easy to integrate into various system
    8. Other feature: SMS, Scheduled bell, Log query, webserver, workcode
    9. Support Voice Prompt , many language selectable
    10. Authentication methods: fingerprint, password, card(Standard ID card authentication)
    11. Recognition speed:<=1.0 second(1000 fingerprints registration)
    12. Contrast angle: 360 ° free rotation; support fingerprint sensor interface
    13. Multi-segment voice prompts;
    14. Machine complete self-test function
    15. Access control:Wiegand26/34;gate magnetism switch input ;alarm function,
    16. Sleep power management , automatic shutdown, Built-in timer rings,
    optional bell relay output
    17. Mainboard PCB voltage: 5V
    18. Humidity: 20% -80%; Operating temperature: -10 degrees - +60 degrees
    19. Power: 12V,1.5A
    20 Optical sensor without film(coat)

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    No Company Name Country State/Region Company/Product Picture Current Stock Lists Company Introduction
    1 Secubio Technology Co. Ltd
    Secubio Technology Co. Ltd
    China.htmlChina Guangdong Secubio Technology Co. Ltd - Company/Product… Who are we? Secubio. is founded in 2007, the headquater is located in USA and factory has moved to China, which a branch office also located. Secubio is one of the world's leading manufacturers in the area of time & attendance and access control system based on the innovation technology of biometric and RFID. It is famous for its innovation, high quality, good service and competitive price (OEM/ODM and distributor will be lower price). Thanks for visiting our website:
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    CCTV Products
    Security Scanners
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    No Full Name Company Position Phone Email Country Registration Date on
    1 Mr. Secubio Secubio Secubio_Technology_Co_Ltd.htmlSecubio Technology Co. Ltd sales manager +8675528460955 - Login to Gcoupon - China.htmlChina 16 Aug 2011
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    No Country Name Capital Region Surface Area Population
    1 China Beijing Eastern Asia 9,572,900 km² 1,277,558,000 people
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        1 SGS EMC Mark SGS The SGS EMC Certification Mark to allow you to demonstrate to your clients that your product fulfils all European EMC requirements. Electrical appliances must be disturbance free and therefore electromagnetically compatible (EMC).
        2 BS EN 50081-1 BS BS EN 50081-1:1992 Electromagnetic compatibility. Generic emission standard. Residential, commercial and light industry. Provides the requirements for emission of electromagnetic disturbances from electrical and electronic apparatus intended for use in the residential, commercial and light industrial environments and for which no dedicated product or product-family emission standards exist
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