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  • Definition: The mission of Standards Preperation Center is to increase the
    competitive power of the country and to promote standardization
    activities on the basis of impartiality, independence, effectiveness and
    reliability for the purposes of both facilitating trade at national and
    international levels and raising quality of life of the society.
  • TSE Standards

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    1 TSEK Mark TSE Quality sufficiency certificate (TSEK marking using right) TSEK Quality sufficiency certificate; Subjects which do not have Turkish standard, and question product of companies which get sufficiency certificate to fabrication, take basic technique literature, other countries national standard, similar Turkish standards, international standards, and it is determined to be suitable to quality factors and worth's accepted by TSE and certificate is one year and signed contract with TSEK using rights are given named of company and TSEK marking on the product determines trade marking of product, type , class and sort.
    2 TSE TSE
    3 Baygen TSE
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  • TSE Country

    No Country Name Capital Region Surface Area Population
    1 Turkey Ankara Middle East 774,815 km² 66,591,000 people
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