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    Hardware - Blasting Garnet - FOB China

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  • Short Description: Garnet is a kind of mineral with good hardness and widely used for abrasives,  refractory material,  
    sandblasting and waterjet cutting, etc.

  • Detailed Description:

    Raw material:Natural almandine rock garnet

    Garnet for blasting/Waterjet-cutting
    Size:10/20  20/40  30/60 60# 80#
    Chemical Composition - Typical
    SiO2 :34-40%
    Al2O3 :17-21%
    MgO :5-6%
    MnO :<1% 
    CaO :5-10%
    TiO2 < 1%
    Mineralogical Content - Typical
    Almandite garnet  :  97 – 98 %
    Ilmenite   ≤2.0%  
    Quartz (free silica)     ≤ 1.0%
    Others  ≤ 0.5%(<0.5% quartz guaranteed )
    Physical Characteristics - Typical
    Specific Gravity  :4.1
    Mohs Hardness     :7.5+
    Acid Solubility (HCL)    <1.0%
    Bulk density     :145 lb/ft3
    Colour   :Red-green
    Grain shape   :Sub angular
    Toxic substances  : none
    Available Sizes:10/20 20/40 30/60 40/60 60/90 90/120 120/180 180/240 24# 30# 36# 40# 46# 54# 60# 70# 80#

  • Detail of Company who is publishing this product information

    No Company Name Country State/Region Company/Product Picture Current Stock Lists Company Introduction
    1 Zhengzhou Haixu Abrasives Co. Ltd
    Zhengzhou Haixu Abrasives Co. Ltd
    China.htmlChina Henan Zhengzhou Haixu Abrasives Co. Ltd - Company/Product… Manufacturer of fused alumina and silicon carbide.
    Local Company Name:

    Type of Business:

    Product List:

    Company Certification:

    Company Registration Number:

    Company Certificate:
    Zhengzhou Haixu Abrasives Co. Ltd - Company…

    Number of Employees in the Company:

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  • User who is publishing this product information

    No Full Name Company Position Phone Email Country Registration Date on
    1 Ms. Sunshine Ma Zhengzhou_Haixu_Abrasives_Co_Ltd.htmlZhengzhou Haixu Abrasives Co. Ltd Sales Manager +86-371-60305639 - Login to Gcoupon - China.htmlChina 18 May 2013
    About You:
    Zhengzhou Haixu Abrasives Co., Ltd, founded in 1999, is specialized in White Fused Alumina, Brown Fused Alumina, Silicon Carbide and other related products. Our production runs under the certifications of GB, ISO, FEPA, and JIS. We offer various items depending on the demands of our customers.

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    Henan, Zhengzhou

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  • Country Details

    No Country Name Capital Region Surface Area Population
    1 China Beijing Eastern Asia 9,572,900 km² 1,277,558,000 people
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        1 12345 GB
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